Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Fun!

The fun this weekend so far has involved alot of unpacking, putting away and scrubbing! Although to you this may not sound like a whole lot of fun, I am so excited to have my own place right now that I enjoyed just about every minute of it, and look forward to doing more tomorrow!

All my stuff is unpacked now, but there's still a fair bit of cleaning to do before my apartment looks like a place that someone lives. Things that don't have a home yet are strewn about, and there's a fair bit of dirt around that just needs to be washed off things. Good news today! I found a translation for the buttons on my washing machine! Score!

I'm such a homebody, and I really am tired after cleaning etc all day, that I would really just like to stay in, but the girls I work with are going out on the town, so I am going to go with them. We're getting all dressed up, going to one girl's apartment, and who knows what could happen from there. I'll take some pictures and show you tomorrow! :)

Laters Alligators!

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  1. Your own place! so exciting! is it just a one room place? I'm glad things are going well for you! You always struck me as the homemaker type :) I hope your night on the town was fun. Things are good but busy at home; there is most definitely not enough time between now and the end of the semester. Ok, take care and write soon!
    P.S. Mailing address SVP


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