Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Second Day!

Only a quick post today... I am beat out.

This morning started fairly early with a trip to get my health check done so I can get my alien card. The alien card means that I'll be able to have a cell phone, and have access to health care and stuff... sweetness!

After that I went to lunch with the Manager of my school who had brought me to get the health check done. Apparently after he brings each new foreign teacher to get the health check they go to a place near the health centre for a meal which sounds a lot like perogie -- I'll find out the exact word for you all tomorrow -- and which is absolutely delicious! And! (believe it or not!) not spicy at all... which is great, because I don't have the highest of tolerances for spicy food, and every thing here is loaded with hottttness that would burn your mouth off. I think my taste buds are a little deadened after only 4 days!

I spent the rest of my day shadowing other foreign teachers as they go about their work, and I am going to be teaching my first class tomorrow! No lost time here! I'm looking forward to being settled into my role at the school, and to moving into my apartment which should happen either Thursday evening or on Friday.

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  1. Good to hear of your positive start in Korea. I suspect you will really begin to have a sense of settling in when you get your apartment. Then you can cook your own food without deadening your taste buds and make a place your home away from home. I hope your introduction to teaching went well.

    I really do envy you. Keep posting your experiences so I can enjoy Korea vicariously. And if there is anything we can do for you, let us know.


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