Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Day of School!

School has not started yet, but already I am excited! Just like a small child!

  • I woke up way too early
  • I've packed and repacked my bag
  • I've dressed and redressed and
  • I've got butterflies in my tummy!

The General Manager of the school is coming to pick me up in a little less than an hour to show me how to get to the school, and then we're off! I'll post more about that experience later...

The rest of the weekend after I made that first post was great. I went out and about exploring a little, seeing the sights, looking for food, and not finding one thing I wanted to eat! Except Pizza Hut, but we all know that's cheating; I didn't come all the way to Asia so I could eat Pizza Hut! I eventually settled on a rather peculiar looking sandwich. It wasn't fabulous, but it wasn't horrible, so I think all in all it worked out OK. After my excursion I came home, spent some time in the jacuzzi that's in my hotel room, read a little, tried John's phone number and was generally a little bored and lonely for most of the evening. I am not having a whole lot of success with the phones here yet, so I think that although I managed to make the phone ring ... I'm pretty sure the call never went through. But eventually he called me and although he was busy set me up with a few of the other women from the school and we went out for a bite to eat at Fish and Grill.

It was verry nice to meet some of the other teachers from my school! All of the English teachers from my school are either from the USA or Canada, and of the 14 of us, 3 are from Newfoundland!

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