Friday, November 21, 2008

Moving Day: Part 2!

So, I'm not sure if this was common knowledge, but moving day was also my first day teaching all by myself! Stresss! A whole bunch of little things happened just to stress me out that could have made the day go wrong, but with a little bit of luck, my day was actually just fine!

When I left off my boss was on his way to pick up me and my stuff at the hotel. He arrived around 5 mins after I published the last post. We loaded everything into a van and then had an adventurous drive to the apartment. Apparently, when in Korea, anything goes as long as you use your hazard lights, and lean on the horn! It was crazy! But I lived to tell the tale, so all is well.

I'll spare you the majority of the details of my day, but after that we went to the school and I taught until 7 pm, went out for some yummy and cheap pizza with the other teachers from SLP, did a little grocery shopping, came home, figured out the Internet, and now here I am!

Here's a sweeping view of the apartment. I'll make another post with more pictures to make sure the photos upload the way I want them to.

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