Friday, November 28, 2008

Second Week!

To pick up where I left off...

I had a great weekend last weekend! I went out on Saturday night with the ladies from work and had a good time, spent my Sunday being fairly lazy, and then found a really neat church to try out on Sunday afternoon. It was huge, and seemed full of really friendly, great people... who all spoke English.

The week went well and I'm really getting settled into my classes, which I am really happy for. There is still one class that causes me a little grief, but with time I'm sure I will win them over as well. There's always lots of interesting things to see and do here, so I've been keeping pretty busy. I'm really enjoying having a place to call my own. It's different from home obviously, and I miss home very much, but having a space that is all yours definitely has something going for it.

A new session in school started this week so I spent most of last week giving and grading tests and getting ready for my kids to start brand new books at the end of the week. Everyone I work with has been soo helpful in helping me to settle in and understand how the school works. Right now because I am not used to teaching these particular programs I have a lot to learn, and have been doing lots of extra work, but I really feel that will ease off when I find a good grove and understand the individual personalities of my students a bit better. Most of them are soo great! I'm really lucky to have found such a great school!

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