Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2: Watermelon Party

After finishing up Galbi last night Mom, Dad, Ricki and I went back upstairs to my now quite crowded apartment, and quickly fell asleep. We slept like babies until morning, at which point some of us --- the ones older than 25 -- decided that they couldn't sleep anymore, and got up at 5:00 am. To be honest, this also happened to me when I arrived here first, I imagine it has something to do with the time difference. Ricki however, was unaffected, and continued to sleep like the teenager that she is well into the morning.

We had decided that this first day dealing with jet lag would be a good day to relax and get familiar with our surroundings, so the very first thing we did was to take a little walk over in the direction of Homeplus. We were wandering around minding our own business, oohing and aahing over Koreaness and Fish heads when we couldn't help but notice a gaggle of older Korean women all but fighting over the contents of a large box.

Of course we were going to head over there and see if we could get our hands on some of that too, or at least figure out what was causing all the commotion!

Upon our arrival we discovered... watermelon; gigantic watermelon the size of... the size of, well, a gigantic watermelon, and on sale for W 5,ooo! We forged into the gaggle, and snagged our self a prize and the watermelon party was born!

That night Ricki and I lugged the beast downstairs to Fish'n'Grill where the Watermelon/ Tara's Birthday party was going down.

...and truly a beast it was. This is a mere 1/8 of the original size!

We chopped it up, posed for pictures and served it up to my wonderful fellow co workers at SLP.

Before I knew it, my family were virtually local celebrities! Clever of you parents, very clever.

If I'm not careful, soon my friends are going to like my parents better than they like me!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and that your trip to Thailand is awesome!

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