Thursday, July 23, 2009

Galbi : Their First Korean Meal

Last night after we got back to my apartment from the airport, dropped of all the bags and settled down a little bit the four of us decided to go out for a bite to eat at a local Korean barbeque restaurant that is located right behind my apartment.

You can read about Korean barbeque, or Galbi here.

Mom really liked the way that you cook the food yourself in the middle of the table, and everyone eats from the same place, wrapping the meat in lettuce. She also loved the way we cooked up some garlic with the meat. They also had their first taste of Kimchi... as far as I'm concerned it was a success. Everyone ate some, and no one was sick. Although Ricki did end up going back to the apartment a little early.

Look at the happy couple, just off the plane and enjoying their first Korean meal.

And, here is Ricki... enjoying her first Korean beer! **gasp!** Ricki! How could you do something like that.

**Disclaimer: Ricki was framed. This picture was only posing. No minors consumed
any alcohol for the purpose of taking this picture. **

Mmm... the critics agree. Galbi is delicious!

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