Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends and Coworkers: Lindsay

Lindsay is a patriotic, jolly old soul who hails from Maryland, and loves to give kisses to Janique when she's had a few glasses of soju cocktail. I also love to give kisses to Janique, so I can't say that I blame Lindsay an ounce.

Occasionally, Lindsay also likes to cover herself from head to toe in multi-coloured mud at mud festivals. It may be a more reasonable assessment, that I like to cover Lindsay from head to toe in multi-coloured mud at mud festivals.... I can neither confirm nor deny those rumours.

Most of the time however, Lindsay is just another one of the girls in the office who doesn't really enjoy it when I take out my camera at work, and tell her that its time for her appearance on the Friends and Coworkers segment of my blog. She puts up with me though, and puts on her best face. I think she secretly enjoys the attention! (Don't you Lindsay? I knew it!)

Lindsay is also at least mostly responsible for my continued efforts at the gym since I started going in May. Recently Meghan has been giving us a bit of a boost as well, but Lindsay is the one true original. She is a great girl to have around, and a fabulous addition to the Friends and Coworkers segment of this blog!

See Lindsay, that wasn't so painful now... was it?

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