Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 3: Lunch With My Boss


What another busy day! Whew.

The title of this post, I find to be rather self explanatory. In short, it was a Grande Affaire.

Starting on the left there was, my father, my mother, my sister, myself, Dan's sister, Dan, Dan's sister's friend, Kelly's Dad, Kelly, Kelly's brother, Kelly's mom and Susan... whew, I'm out of breathe. Also, my boss, Jane was there, but conveniently she was taking the picture.

Aren't we a fabulous crew?

Here's how the story goes: At 12:00 today we all met up at a traditional Korean restaurant that is really close to the school where I teach, to have lunch together as a welcome to Korea treat from Mr. Han, the school's owner. Not in the memory of anyone I work with have so many family's (three) come to visit teachers all at the same time! I guess it was a pretty big deal.

We walked into the restaurant and were let upstairs to a private room. Along the way we could hear Korean music being played on a traditional string instrument, and it really added to the atmosphere of the whole experience. Traditionally, Korean people eat at low tables while sitting on mats on the floor and today at lunch, that's just what we did. Although I have lived here now for more than eight months I have only done this once or twice since arriving, so it was a treat for me as well.

Lunch was served on a hotplate in the middle of the table where it cooks as people munch on appetizers and talk. Everyone eats from the same dish, putting a little of the main meal on a plate before them. Today's meal of choice was bulgogi, a delicious marinated beef dish, and it was a bit hit among everyone there.

As our lunch sizzled away, cooking itself to perfection, we had the opportunity to take a few pictures, and to investigate some of the side dishes that were present with our meal. As you can see from the picture below, there were quite a few. Some we quite delicious including a salad with yogurt dressing, and of course kimchi others however...

... were not quite so appealing.

I don't think I'm every really going to be able to bring myself to eat something that is looking at me as I am moving it towards my mouth. Perhaps that makes me a weak individual, but frankly in this case if I am wrong... I don't want to be right. Naturally my dad had a go at eating everything, as did Kelly's. Dads are always good like that for being adventurous.

My dad and I both enjoyed the ice noodles though.

While Mom, under no pressure to either be manly, or show how Korean she could be after living here for more than eight months, just took every thing in and enjoyed herself.

I can't say that I blame her, these eating pictures that amuse everyone else so much aren't exactly what I would call flattering. I've accepted not being terribly photogenic as my lot in life however, so long as no one makes too much fun. Please be kind. :)

Tomorrow, we're off to the wonderful land of Dr. Fish. I can't wait to see their faces when things that look like what we had for lunch today, make lunch of their feet tomorrow.

*giggles mischievously*

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