Monday, July 6, 2009

Monsters Inc... its real!

Monsters Inc. is real! I know this because I found where the keep the closet doors that they go through in the night time to scare unsuspecting little children. It's in Seoul!

Boy, am I glad now that I didn't really have a closet door when I was a kid, now that the truth is out! Just look at all those closet doors with unsuspecting children behind them. Its a good thing that since the movie came out then monsters have discovered that laughing works way better to power the monster city than screams do! It helps me to sleep easy a night. (Thank goodness I don't have real closet doors here either! -- oh wait... I'm no longer a child, shoot!)

In all reality if you really twist my arm -- ouch, that hurt! I didn't mean it! -- I'm willing to admit that this may not actually be the doors from Monsters Inc. I mean I don't think they would leave them unattended like that in the middle of the city. It's a pretty fabulous impression though. This entire building was covered in doors.

I was in awe. Amanda just laughed at me. How cruel.

I hope one of those monsters uses one of these doors to sneak into her room and tickle her until she turns blue and wets the bed. How do you like them apples, Amanda?

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