Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teach English in Korea

For those of you who are either interested in what I'm up to in my free time when I wake up so early in the morning, or who are interested in travelling to Korea, this post is for you. For the past week or so I have been spending large chunks of my mornings getting a little bit of a name made for myself at a website called where I've been writing about teaching English in Korea under an alias, Laura Berwick. 'Berwick' came about because I didn't want to use my real name, and when I did a serch for unusal last names it was on the top of the list.

Most of the articles I've been writing for that site aren't really appropriate for this blog which is more of a friends and family sort of thing, so although I won't post each article here in its fully length and influence you to pull out your hair, I will post a few links for you to look at so you can take a gander if you're interested. Any and all criticism or opinions are highly appreciated!

I know that there are still some occasional grammatical/spelling errors here and there, so if you see any when you are browsing through, please feel free to point them out to me. I would also love for you send me ideas or request an article you think I should write. I've found since I started this blog that I am really enjoying writing. I figure, the more I write, the better I'll get, and the more interesting this will be for all of you loyal (or even not-so-loyal) readers!

Seven months ago tomorrow, I was about to leave Newfoundland for Korea, and was freaking out. Thank you to everyone for doing your best to calm me down and build me up during that time, and for thus making it possible for me to be here. Also, thanks to everyone who's been so amazing since I got here, I look forward to my last five months and I plan to keep you up to date, and in the know. =)

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