Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Korean Snacks: Dried Squid

One of the most popular snacks in Korea, for children and adults alike is non-other than...

dried squid!

I knew that Koreans liked the stuff, its available everywhere here, but I didn't realize quite how popular it was until we went to Busan a few weeks ago. On Friday night after school we hopped onto the train for our Busan adventure, and we were seated next to a table inhabited by a mom, and two small children. When the snack cart came by the kids started clamouring for treats-- as kids do. We weren't surprised and smiled at the kids as they asked their mom for snacks.

What did surprise us what the dried squid that she handed them from the snack cart, and how happy they seemed to receive it. They dug right in and were happy as clams.

Personally its not my cup of tea, and seeing as my best friend didn't even really like it, -- he eats everything -- I don't plan on giving it much of a chance to be my cup of tea any time soon.

What do you think?

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