Sunday, June 7, 2009

Korean Dentists

So, as you know if you have been following my blog, or my facebook, I have been spending a significant amount of time at the dentist recently, and so I thought it fitting to make a post about my excursions -- a little more whimsical than the first.

A quick recap : filling fell out, is now replaced and crowned, dentist visits in Korea = almost over!

The dentist that both Meghan and I have been going to actually has a nice little office on one of the busier streets near our house. Meghan and I usually cab it there in the morning because its usually quite early and neither of us are really up for the walking.

When we arrived on this particular day -- for some reason our appointments seem to always happen together. Its never by design (on our parts at any rate) but it is very convenient -- I started snapping photos for this post, and Meghan just shook her head and accepted her fate as the subject. She thought I was being weird, but didn't say it -- it was all in the look on her face.

Walking into a dentist's office in Korea is surprisingly like walking into a dentist's office anywhere else that I've been in the world. Its pretty simple and quiet, with nondescript music trying to mask the drilling sounds that are coming from the non-reception areas.

The waiting area really is pretty nice, as I described in my last post. There are computers on one side for people to use as they wait, and a sitting area on the other side with a huge fish tank that I really enjoy.

After Meghan went in for her appointment, I got a little bored and decided to play with my camera by taking pictures of my new phone charm that I got from a little girl for Teacher's Day.

But the phone charm is so cute, almost as cute as the little cupcake who gave it to me. It was easy to pass my time until the receptionist called my name taking her picture.

I went inside, the crown got its final cement, and my visit to the dentist was over in no time.

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