Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everland Resort: Land of Festival for 365 Days!

Saturday saw myself, Amanda, Janique and Janique's boyfriend AJ head to Everland for a fun-filled adventure. We decided to get the most out of our day, and therefor met outside our apartments at 8:30AM to make the trek, a little more than two hours from where we live in the west end of Seoul. Two hours was a long way to go, so there was a little skipping as we got our first sight of the park.
AJ doesn't look particularly pleased that I caught him in mid-skip...

...but Amanda and Janique are so distracted by the park in the distance, that they are oblivious to my picture taking ways.

First things first we had to fill our just-arrived-in-everland-and-must-take-silly-photos quota, and the girls needed their faces painted. I was afraid of a suntan in the shape of said face paint, so I declined to participate in that part of the adventure. I'm not gonna lie -- I was a little jealous at times throughout the day. Perhaps next time I shouldn't be so practical about it all.

We were so happy to finally get to Everland after weeks of planning and being rained out, and nothing was going to dampen our spirits. We spent more than 10 hours walking, riding, waiting, eating, riding, walking, waiting and eating, and by the time we left in the evening, we were pooped -- but very happy.
We road roller-coasters:

And saw tigers:

And even a parade, and fireworks!

By the time 10 o'clock rolled around there was still stuff going on, but we were pooped and headed for the buses. The waiting for the bus was much shorter than the waiting for the rides and before we knew it we were drinking our chocolate milk, and headed for home.

Chocolate milk is a wonderful invention.

All in all a very satisfying end to a very satisfying day.

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