Sunday, April 5, 2009

I want nobody, nobody but you!

I heard this song (Nobody - WonderGirls) for the first time in a while yesterday and decided that I had to share it with you because it heard it nearly every 10 mins when I arrived here first, and had *gasp* almost forgotten about it!

Traditional Korean music has all but gone by the way side here in Seoul, especially among young people who list it as among their least favourite music. However, K-pop is a thriving industry and is phenomenally popular. With the most popular K-pop music at least is seems that success is guaranteed by about a dozen English words, usually having something to do with relationships or teenage angst and the rest of the song in Korean. I was told when I got here that this particular song was such a sensation that it was also becoming popular in the west, but I'm not sure that I'm convinced.

At any rate, here it is for your listening and viewing pleasure! It's set to be released on May 5, 2009 as the groups debut single in North America. I cut off the beginning of the video because its a little dull to watch, but the story is that in the video the song was originally intended for someone else but he got stuck in the bathroom before the show started and our heroines (the WonderGirls)had to take over and save the day because no one knew where he was!

Over the past few months Nobody has slowly faded and I think this one is one of the most popular right now. I borrowed the idea for this post from one of the other teachers in my school, and he says that his kids don't really like this group. They are called Girls Generation and apparantly especially the older girls in his classes like to call the group something in Korean which roughly translates to 'plastic surgery generation.' This one doesn't have any English translations, but its another pretty good example of what most radio stations are playing around here.

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  1. Say it isn't so! Debuting in the States and releasing a US single?!?!?! Does this mean I might have to endure even more Wonder Girls when I get home? NOOOOOOOooooooooooo!!!!!!!!


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