Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Farting Woman: In My Curriculum

When I originally posted the story of the farting woman here and here there was some skepticism among my faithful readers as to if I had indeed just made this one up, and posted it for kicks... but alas my friends, it is not true! It really is in the ESL curriculum that I teach to my wonderful children day in and day out, and here is the proof!

She's right cute- ain't she?

Dan --with whom I share a desk-- is just as perplexed as you and I...

... that this really does exist.

The Reach Out program that this story comes from really is pretty interesting most of the time, and especially with more talkative classes can be pretty fun to teach. Some of my student were able to make up some very interesting and colourful versions of this story about 'poison gas lady.' I wonder what my story is going to be this month...

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