Monday, April 13, 2009

Cherry Blossom Jeans... (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday...

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes... we weren't happy about the whole situation in Yeouido -- as Jen is demonstrating in the picture below. We all gathered, and taken the subway, and walked to the park, only to be met with about a dozen cherry blossom trees, and approximately a million people. A cherry tree here and a cherry tree there, our spirits were getting a little low...

If you take any indication from this next picture, Kelly's spirits were particularly low -- although I think I just caught her at an inopportune moment. I'm actually being a bit overly dramatic, it was a beautiful day and we were really enjoying ourselves in the park seeing all the different things their way to see as neither of us had been there before. That is... until we noticed the road with a seemingly unending line of cherry blossoms. That's when the party really started!

After a short walk we made it to a point on the street where we really started to understand what all the hype was about! The road was blocked off on both sides by huge flower pots and there were cherry blossoms -- and people! -- as far as the eye could see in both directions!

Naturally, we stopped for a few photo shoots as groups of girls are apt to do. There were trees upon trees, and after a while with only a very small amount of prompting from Amanda I decided to climb up into one, which was awfully nice!

Before too long, Amanda decided to join me, and here's the evidence! There's also evidence on facebook! (You will have to be my friend on facebook to use this link I believe.) Neither of us can ever deny it. :) Picture were taken and then we were coaxed down and proceeded to take even more pictures!

And more pictures! Even one of this porta-potty, which is just about the best I've ever seen. Its extremely portable, has stalls on the inside and is just about the closest I've ever come to calling a place where you do your business cute. I didn't make it inside personally, but Amanda said in spite of the outside cuteness it still smelled like an outhouse on the inside. I still think its an improvement over what we have at home.

The cherry blossoms stretched on and on and on, and despite their beauty, and the surreal 60s music that was being played over loudspeakers in the streets we started noticing other things around us. One thing that I tried to capture on camera many a time --but was completely unsuccessful with, resulting in a number of very disappointing pictures -- was the way that the cherry blossoms would blow and swirl all around us when a small gust of wind would come up. There was only a light breeze, but each time we felt it we were showered in thousands upon thousand of tiny pink blossoms. It was really amazing, but very hard to take a picture or a video of.

I also took a picture of this man's shirt. It is more than likely that he really has no idea what it says. There really is a mentality here that anything that is English must be cool.

Another thing that Koreans think is cool is matching couple clothes. Its hard to miss the couple in the picture on the left wearing matching pink sweaters, and its such a normal thing here in Korea. I saw at least a dozen examples while we were walking around for a few hours on Saturday, and will probably devote an entire post to it sometime soon so as not to take up too much space on this already long post.

Next, we saw a bunch of drummers walking around in a circle playing some beats that were very tribal and raw sounding compared to the appearance of their uniforms. There were also a handful of middle-aged Korean men in their street clothes dancing around in the middle of the circle, seemingly just for the fun of it. I have no doubt that Randy would have joined in if it hadn't ended quite shortly after we arrived on the scene. I wouldn't put it past him, and I was actually looking forward to the amusing pictures it would produce. Maybe next time...

Also present at the festival with the people and the cherry blossoms were a number of people dressed up in costumes for children to take pictures with, among them a male and a female police officer. I got a shot of this police-lady really planting a smooch on this poor, unsuspecting fellow. Apparently, more than just children wanted their pictures taken with these folks. (Admittedly, the girls and I had out pictures taken with a character as well.) Along the way we also saw plenty of artwork along the sides of the streets.

One of the more interesting pieces was this cow and rider made from grass.

And of course the jeans with the flowers among others.

~The End~

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