Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As far as the eye can see..

I really wasn't kidding when I said that there were cherry blossoms as far as the eye could see in each direction. As I am prone to dramatics and exaggeration sometimes I anticipated some skepticism among blog-readers and took a video to show you all! I was also hoping to catch some cherry blossoms blowing in the wind, but with no luck... :(

An interesting note related to these cherry blossoms is that despite the name, no actually cherries grow on these trees. The cherry comes from a different species of tree entirely. You can read about it on Wikipedia here.

Also, I thought it would be interesting to mention that it is these very same cherry blossoms that many of us sang about as elementary students when we learned the Japanese folk song Sakura. It is a song about Japan in the spring time, and specifically about the most definitive sign that spring has come to Asia, cherry blossoms.

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