Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Galbi Salsa

The week is going well so far, and it seems like time is just flying by here in Korea! I am really settling into my classes and finally figuring out how some of my kids tick. I hope I figure it out for Thursday and Friday as I have one parent coming in each day to see what the new teacher is like, in two of my most difficult classes! There are also achievement tests for the majority of my classes on Thursday and Friday, but I don't really know what I have to do for them so I'm pretty unsure about what the rest of my week will bring.

This is one of my preschool project writing classes. They are writing about astronauts this week and they are super cute!

For the first two weeks of December middle school students don't attend SLP and instead stay home to prepare for their final exams here. Middle school is a big deal here, I think the marks you get on your exams influence what highschool you go to, which influences where you attend university which affects the rest of your life... so in short, my middle school kids were all pretty stressed out last week.

The middle school kids not coming meant that today I finished work at 7 instead of 8! Fabulous! This was all exciting enough until I found out that one of the other teachers at the school was looking for someone to go to a salsa dancing class with him, because the other teacher at the school that normally goes was busy. Of course I was up for a random salsa class, so off we went! There was more men than women at the salsa class, but the partners were shuffled every 5 minutes or so, so no one was really left out. I danced with John, the guy from school for approx 4 mins at the very beginning (which was fortunate, because he needed to show me the basic steps) and then didn't really see him until we left! John has told me before we left SLP (the school) that the class was going to be a little challenging, so of course I couldn't resist, but I didn't quite realise what I was getting myself into!

It was fun though, and I met some really interesting people, so all in all I enjoyed myself very much!

We had both gone straight from teaching to the dance class so on the way home we were both pretty hungry, and upon John's discovery that I hadn't yet tried galbi -- traditional Korean BBQ-- we stopped at a place along the way home and had some, and it was fabulous! I am still unfortunately at the point where I am tolerating most of the traditional Korean food that I eat, but this was just absolutely delicious from the first bite to the last. I'll post some pictures for you all another time, but for now its time for me to sign out and get some shut-eye. Goodnight!

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