Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy Busy

The rest of last week was just one crazy busy time of in class monitoring, shopping, alien registration cards, delicious food, skype calls, bank accounts, hilarity.... and I had a fabulous but busy time!

Tuesday when I had arrived at school they had received my alien card = very exciting! Its good because it means that now I can get a bank account, a cell phone etc. and health insurance, which is always a good thing! So because I was free Wednesday evening, Kelly, Amanda and I made our way to Yongsan to pick me up a cell phone! We had a very interesting journey but made it there without incident to find that the stores were closing as we were walking past them! ( Oh no! ) We kept on going though until we got to the cell phone section where fortunately they were just a few minutes behind everyone else and were still willing to serve us. After a fair bit of haggling and other shenanigans I managed to get myself a used phone in great condition for just $45! Only the beginning of my amazing bargains for the week!

Once again, in the interest of time I had left teaching to go directly to another location, and so by the time we were finished finding the cell phone and setting up the contract etc I was famished and we set out to find something to eat. We went to the I-mall in Yongsan and there were just about a million different restaurants there offering all sorts of different foods,

but we settled on a little Italian place called Amigos (Amigos? Italian? Hmm.... ). I ordered some sort of chicken spaghetti au gratin and it was just about the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth! Yum Yum Yumm! I felt a little guilty, because I really want to learn to appreciate Korean food, but it was just so delicious, I just pushed the guilt right out of my mind! lol

Wed and Thursday I had achievement tests with most of my students and was being monitored by parents in my other two classes so it was an interesting few days. I have to go to school now, but I'll come back and tell about the rest of the week this evening when I get home.

I miss you all! --Me


  1. i miss you lots and i love you even more! i hape you have a great time in korea
    love Ricki

  2. i miss lots laura and i love you even more! i hope you have fun in korea
    love you lots
    love Ricki

  3. you really need to past more and go on skype more often... i miss you and i want to see that turtle again... love you lots
    love Ricki


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