Monday, September 14, 2009

Renting the Seoul National Museum

... or something like that.

This was quite a busy weekend.

Amanda and I kicked it off right, by heading back to the Seoul National Museum, where we had seen the Ancient Egypt a few weeks before, to take in the Museums regular fare, and we were not to be disappointed.

The museum was, of course, absolutely beautiful, and Amanda and I wandered around for hours upon hours, finally leaving without seeing everything.

If you are determined to visit and see every last exhibit, I encourage you to wear good shoes, and bring a lunch. Well worth it, though, it was very interesting.

I think the one on the lower one looks a little like a bikini from this angle... what do you think?

We dragged ourselves home, exhausted, after trapezing around the museum for almost 6 hours! What troopers! We needed to get our beauty sleep however, because Sunday night...

... we saw the ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST OF RENT!! Well, in all honesty, I think that there were only a few of the original members, but really, who can blame them after all these years. It was nonetheless fabulous!

Needless to say, the lot of us were so excited that we could barely breathe! It was, in one word, Wow.

On a completely unrelated side note: There was a mustache being passed around, so we decided to take some pictures with it. Enjoy!

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