Monday, September 21, 2009

Ingwangsan, and a Rooftop BBQ!

The weeks have really started to go by more quickly, as my time in Korea comes to an end. I don't even know where they go anymore. Sometimes, I feel like I blink, and then another week has passed, and another weekend is upon me. Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Partially because we are headed to Japan at the beginning of October, and partially, just because we enjoy ourselves, Amanda and I have planned a series of hiking trips to prepare ourselves for the big one on our vacation... Fuji! We know that Fuji can be dangerous around in October, and therefor don't intend to summit the mountain, but we do want to have a little practice, so as to not thoroughly embarrass ourselves when we get there.

Thus, here we are... Inwangsan, or Inwang Mountain.

At first, in true Amanda and Laura style, we couldn't quite seem to find the mountain in question, or more precisely, a path to get up the mountain. We wandered around the pathway to a temple for quite some time, were accosted by Korean school children, took pictures of some cool rocks, and generally wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.

Eventually, however, we found our way to a path -- quite a distance from where we had originally been looking. Ah, the wonders of language barriers! -- and started our hike up the mountain. As has happened to us many times before, we started out a little frustrated with the experience, but quickly found ourselves just as enamoured with the area as we had been when we first read about it in a Korean guide book.


Although we were tired and dirty from our mountainous travels, I can't say that our weekend ended there. Saturday evening, as were arriving back in the area of Seoul we call home, there was a birthday party and rooftop BBQ calling out names. I'm not going to show you my picture from that evening, as it truly is a sorry sight, but I will show you a picture of the beautiful Birthday Girl and her cake to make up for it!

Danielle is not a coworker of mine, but is a fellow Canadian, and the best kind of girl that you could ever hope to meet! We celebrated her 23rd birthday in style on the roof of our apartment building, and was it ever a time.

Did our evening end there? Most certainly not! After having left the house quite early to go hiking, and then having a BBQ in the evening, Amanda and I put on our game faces, did our hair and makeup, and headed out on the town to celebrate Lindsay's last night out in Seoul. I'm afraid I was a little too pooped-out to really give it the gusto that is deserved however, but we didn't call it quits until 1 am. Not to toot my own horn, but did I mention that Amanda and I are troopers?
And that was only Saturday!
To be continued...

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