Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Korean Street Treat

This deceptively simple, and unassuming little guy is hiding one of the snack food industries best kept secrets. It's amazing, and delicious, and similar to a french fry. Only, its better, much better, so good in fact that I'm thinking about running outside to get one now. Only I won't, because the street vendors obviously aren't open at 10 am on a Monday morning... *sigh*

What I'm talking about of course is the infamous potato... on a stiiiiiick.

The road to my ultimate demise usually starts with a shopping trip to Idea, which is where I most often fall prey to these little morsels. They start out innocent looking enough, raw potatoes minding their own business, hanging out on a street vendors cart in Seoul. A more practiced eye, however, can spot that these particular potatoes are out for trouble right from the get-go. Why else would they be spiraled like that... so enticing-like.

Before you know it, their innocent act is over, and the second they draw you in, practically forcing you to order one, they plunge themselves into a deep frier; doing the best they can to cause you a heart attack right then and there, just from thinking about all the fat and grease that's soon going to be coursing through your veins.

The tongs are ready to fish them out, and you think the worst of it is over until....

... until you notice the dastardly cheese sauce that lies in wait to be sprinkled all over what was once an innocent looking potato. You didn't know that they could be so sneaky, did you?

Neither did I my friends, neither did I....

That being said... its never stopped me from buying one yet.
Potato on a stiiiick, you had me from hello.

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  1. yummy, yummy, yummy I have deliciousness in my TUMMY !!!!


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