Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three weeks of fun!

So it was just about this time three weeks ago that I last posted for you all to hear about life. Needless to say, January and the first half of February were a little on the crazy side. I'm still loving my life here, although in spite of the craziness there's not a whole lot to report.

January was very busy because I was teaching a special program while the kids were off school. Almost as soon as that was all over it was report card time which swamped me again for a little while. But the report cards are all finished, and now I'm free!

Its really great to not be quiet as busy with work for a little while, but truth to be told I'm not home free yet. The new school year starts the first week of March and things are still buzzing a little here to get ready for that. We'll have lots of prep meetings and getting ready to teach all new classes and all new kids. I'll let you know how it all goes. :)

Aside from that I've developed a rhythm here and I really am finally settled in. The weather is still a little cold for being out and about and doing touristy things, but I'm told that it will warm up really soon and then I'll have more new and exciting things to tell you about!

One of the touristy things that I have seen recently is the Kimchi museum which is located in this huge mall in in east end of Seoul. It took us a while to get there, but we did have a lot of fun. I think the fun was more about the company than the kimchi, but let me show you a few photos.

Aside from the Kimchi Museum we've mostly been up to very normal things such as birthday's, going out to eat, shopping, and perhaps a little more eating. I know that its hard to believe that those kinds of things can happen in Korea too... so I'll let you see a few pictures of that too! :)

Of course in this post I must also talk about Valentine's Day!

Traditionally in Korea women do something special for men on Valentine's Day, and then men return the favour one month later on March 14th which is called White Day. Randy and I decided to shirk Korean tradition and go ahead with a normal Valentine's Day. (I am going to see what I can do for White Day! ) It was absolutely fabulous, and although I'll spare you the gooey details I did want to tell you about one of the activities that was planned for the day. We went to Dr. Fish! Now I don't know if you've heard about Dr. Fish, but the basic premise is that you put your feet in a pool of water teaming with tons of little fish, and they nibble the dead skin off your feet, like a natural pedicure! I am not a person who is easily tickled, but oh my! At first I could barely keep my feet in the water! I am sad/pleased to announce that they like Randy's feet better than mine; sad because I wanted them to nibble my feet, but pleased that they found nothing to nibble. =)

Here are a few last pictures before I sign off for the day:

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