Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

So, we left off with me feeling a little achy, and promising pictures.... and here they are!

This is a picture of my favourite, still nameless turtle! He's pretty tiny, and pretty awesome. I changed his water and cleaned his tank yesterday for the first time... that wasn't awesome, but he's totally worth it!

These fishes on the side of the road looked tasty, so I thought I'd take a picture for you all so you could feel both hungry and jealous at the same time... hehe. Some people actually think they do look tasty. I have no intention of being around when those same people try to eat these little (or big!) guys.

This is how I've been spending large portions of my vacation, and I know you may think less of me because of it, but I think its fabulous! As you can see its become a bit more complicated since the early days, but it sure is great fun!

The first picture here is the bus we took to get to the ski resort. The second is some silly looking, tiny haystacks that I took a picture of from the bus because I thought they were cute.

Here is a picture of me all decked out in my ski gear, looking cool and eating a hotdog from the Dog and Chips stand behind me. Particularly in this picture I think I look like I'm having a good time, but not in Asia. I also look like I'm snowboarding, but its not true! I did ski up a storm though, when I wasn't munching on delicious onion dogs.

The first picture here is the ski lodge at the resort, and the second in the hotel we stayed in. I believe that both look nicer in the photos than they actually were in real life, but we had a fabulous time, so we didn't mind. The hotel especially was a bit of a shifty operation. The first day when we went to the ski park, the people organizing took lift passes off a bunch of kids and then put them on us.... shady! It all worked out for us though, which I am very thankful for, and I'm very glad we went!

Here are a few pictures of inside the hotel. Skis on the wall, no bed... doing it right, Korean style!

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  1. way to go on the scrabble! and skiing!


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